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Effective Cooling Technologies Specialities


Underfloor Air ConditioningUnderfloor Air-Conditioning (alternatively known as raised-floor air-conditioning) installation is a relatively new concept of airside distribution in Malaysia. Traditionally, this type of system installation is only restricted to computer and server rooms, whereby raised floor assembly is installed for easy wiring management. However, this concept has also been applied to human air-conditioning for office applications. One of the very first few projects installed by our company in Malaysia, utilizing underfloor air-conditioning for office applications, was the Ericsson Research & Development Building in Cyberjaya.


VAV (Variable Air Volume) boxVariable Air Volume System is an established form of airside distribution, widely used in large centralized systems. This system is normally installed in applications whereby air conditioning is supplied to a large occupied zone with multiple interior zones requiring individual temperature controls. The variation in volume of air supplied to the individual zones depends on the room temperature requirements, detected by the zone thermostats. Coupled with frequency inverters, the Air Handling Units will be used to supply air to the entire occupied zone, with VAV boxes directly controlling the volume of air to be supplied to the various occupied zones.

Listed below are some of the privileged projects which our company has installed the VAV systems with:

  1. HSBC Global Data Processing Centre, Cyberjaya
  2. InventQjaya Research & Development Laboratory, Cyberjaya
  3. BMW Malaysia Headquarters, Cyberjaya


VRV(Variable Refrigerant Volume)The Variable Refrigerant System was derived from conventional air-cooled direct expansion system, with technological incorporation of inverter compressors into the system. With this technological breakthrough, a single set of supply-return copper piping system can be achieved, with a much longer total pipe extension of 250m.

Listed below are some of the privileged projects which our company has installed the VRV systems with:

  1. Royal Gallery, Istana Hulu Kuala Kangsar
  2. Bungalow at Mines Resort City, Seri Kembangan
  3. Princess’s Place of Residence, Istana Kuala Kangsar.